About Us


The North Caroline Football and Cheer program is designed with the following objectives:

  • To promote among the youth of the community, the high ideal of sportsmanship. 

  • To inspire the youth to practice the ideals of health, citizenship, scholastic excellence and character. 

  • To give to youth the opportunity to participate in seasonal sports, to bring the youth close together through the development of a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play and fellowship, to promote activities, which are safely, sanely and intelligently supervised. 

  • To make the welfare of the children the utmost importance and to maintain a program of service to the youth entirely free from discrimination by reason of sex, race, creed, nationality or religion.

2019 Board of Directors


President - Katie Jones

Vice President - Jeff Scharf

Football Commissioner - Dave Blizzard

Cheer Commissioner - Lisa Wielgosz

Treasurer - Dani Lee

Secretary - Paula Morris

Fundraising Coordinator - Melissa Leonard

Scholastic Coordinator - Mike Robinson

Member at Large - Ricky Townsend

Member at Large - Kari Jones

Immediate Past President - Vacant

2019 Football and Cheer Coaching Staff



7U - Bobby Graves

9U - Ricky Townsend

11U - Kevin Mallard

12U - Henry Dodd

13U - Justin Holland


8U -

10U -

12U -

14U -